8lbs: Running in 25 Degree Weather

Ok guys. I used to be fit.  I used to exercise regularly and eat pretty well.  After I had my 5th baby, I stopped the healthy eating part… well, maybe that was before he was born. (There was a Dairy Queen down the street and a Cheesecake Factory up the street so…)

When we moved away from Vegas, we moved away from my running buddies.  So, I stopped the exercising part.  I knew no one here, and though I kept trying to set up running dates (is that what they’re called? Sessions perhaps?), they didn’t actually happen.  I wasn’t motivated all that much and had what I considered valid excuses: the weather (late summer/early fall temperatures= a Vegas winter), no sidewalks and country speed limits of 50 miles/ hour, and sleep.  Really, I just wanted to be healthy and fit without doing the work!

Late in the winter, after feeling a good amount of depression, I decided to get a gym membership.  I don’t really work out well in a gym, but I thought at least I could get past two of my excuses (sleep, since I could work out in the day and drop my kids off at the babysitting station and weather, since the air and the machines would probably feel too warm for my comfort).

So, I got a membership!

Let me just insert here how supportive my husband is.  He’s always ready to help and support me on whatever I decide to do.  He really is the nicest man I know.  (Which is probably why it’s good that I’m not pregnant and we don’t live by the Cheesecake Factory and Dairy Queen anymore.)

Okay back to exercising.

I went to the gym for 5 days a week for almost a month!  I hated running on the treadmill, but I did like my pilates class–I even made an acquaintance!  Then, school let out for summer.  My kids did not want to go to the gym babysitting station and it seemed like an even bigger chore than when the older kids were in school.  So, I stopped going to the gym.  I didn’t feel too bad, though, because I was able to replace exercising with being with my kids and baking!  I gained back the few pounds I had dropped while going to the gym.

At the end of the summer, I weighed myself and discovered I weighed only a few pounds lighter than right before birthing my 9 lb baby!  Oh man!  Now I had to get serious.  Then it hit me! Instead of trying to run with people who hated running, I realized I should be finding people that already run.  Soon after, my friend posted a picture of her and a group of women completing a relay race on social media.  I messaged her and she agreed to run with me even though I was very rusty.

Yesterday was the first day of running with her and her running buddies.  It was both exhillarating and terrifying. These people were serious!

There was running, sprinting, lunges, and real pushups!  They all looked like they stepped out of an athletic clothing advertisement (my friend included).  It was 25 degrees outside so I dressed for comfort: a long sleeve thermal top, a short sleeved knit shirt that I may or may not have also slept in, a pair of sweat pants that I also may have slept in, another pair of sweat pants with zip pockets (to hold my phone and keys), and two hoodies!  I looked like I stepped out of a magazine advertising…um…who cares-It was dark!

After running, I weighed myself while in my running garb and then again in my birthday suit and the difference was 8 lbs!

Now that’s something I enjoy weighing!

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