Hello Wholesome People of the Internet!  Thanks for visiting my site!  My family and I moved from the comfortable suburbs of Las Vegas (Henderson) to a small farm in Idaho. This blog is about our experience with a focus on the things we are doing and learning along the way.

From the Suburbs to the Country

This was our Henderson, NV home.
This was our Henderson, NV home.
Our Farmhouse
Our new little farmhouse!

Why the move?

My husband and I always talked about raising our kids in a place where they would have space to run around and learn to work hard. But several years into our marriage we found ourselves in the suburbs of Las Vegas living a normal suburbian life. It was great and we were comfortable, but it wasn’t our goal…or I should probably say it wasn’t what we wished–we hadn’t actually made a goal.

Then, in October 2014, we attended LDS General Conference (over the TV) and listened to the talk given by Elder Carlos A. Gadoy entitled The Lord Has a Plan for Us!.

In that talk, Elder Gadoy posed the question: “If we continue to live as we are living, will the promised blessings be fulfilled?” That question really struck a chord with us.  Now, I’m not saying we had a divinely promised blessing that we would be able to live in a farmhouse, but we asked ourselves: If we continue to live as we are living, will we ever realize our dream of raising our kids on a little farmhouse?

Obviously, the answer to that question was “No.” So we knew we had to make a plan and take life by the horns.  We followed the principles outlined by Elder Gadoy:

1. Consider the Options with the End in Mind
2. Be Prepared for the Challenges that will Come
3. Share the Vision with the People we Love

With this guidance in mind, we wrote out a 5 year plan and started working towards our goal.  No matter what, our goal was to be in a farmhouse at the end of the five years.

Making the Move

As part of our plan, we scouted out some areas that we thought would work and subscribed to real estate listings on realtor.com. We really didn’t think that we would be ready to make the actual move until 2017 at the earliest. One day, we got an alert for the farmhouse you see pictured above. It had pretty much everything we wanted. We joked with each other about “what if we got that house?!” Ha ha! But then we got thinking seriously…

To make a short story shorter, everything kind of ended up falling into place and before we knew it, we moved in! So we accomplished our goal not even a full two years later!

Why this Blog?

I have always enjoyed following people’s stories online and found that their experiences inspired me to just go for it and to take control of life. I want to develop those connections and share our story as well. Because you never know who you might help along the way.  And maybe we can learn together!!!  Plus, this is one way I can share our experience with people we love.  Who knows, dear wholesome internet reader, maybe that could be you!

I hope you will stick around and stay in touch. If you have questions or comments, I would love to hear them!!! Until then, I would ask you, if you continue living as you are now, will you ever accomplish your life’s wishes?