Crazy Cat Lady in the Making!

We came here with two adult cats: Gigi from Las Vegas and Princess Sissi from my dad.  I convinced Leland we could handle some kittens (because why else did we move if not to have room for several more kittens) and we adopted two 8-week old kittens from a friend’s family.  The timing was perfect, because it was just days before Alice’s 6th birthday and she has been begging for a kitten of her own. The kittens’ names are Jojo and Chip and they demo every cardboard house we build for them 😉



We love having kittens so much though, that when two little kittens wandered through the river to our property, we took them in too.  Leland built a house for them in our wood shed by stacking wood.  It’s surprisingly warm.  I spent the night with them!  Just kidding!  When we go outside to feed them, we can feel the heat from the tin roof and that gives me hope that they will be warm enough when it starts to snow.





The kids’ school is amazing.  Alice wanted to bring her new kitten to her kindergarten class for show and tell.  I half-heartedly asked her teacher, thinking she would never agree to that.  She surprised me by saying we could bring in her kitten.  Though I was a little nervous to bring Alice’s cat in a box into the school, all the adults and even the principal who saw were happy about it.  What kind of school did we come to?!! The very best apparently!



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