Dining Room Plate Wall Hack

I was inspired by Rebecca Long Piper who blogs over at Boulevard West to make a plate wall in my own home. She owns a beautiful historic home and I love the way she decorates.  (If you love older homes or just any sort of renovation, go follow her blog because she’s in the middle of a huge what seems like a whole house renovation. I can’t wait to see the final product!)

The obvious place for my plate wall, of course, is my dining room.  Since I don’t have a bunch of beautiful plates I can hang on the wall (and with plaster walls, regular nails wont do the trick), I had to get creative.  Now, every time I visit Target, I pick up a couple of melamine plates for just a few dollars each.  I hang them using one of my favorite inventions ever: Command Hanging Strips!  I’ve found the best deal at Target: you can hang 12 large pictures with each pack for $8.99.  That sounds pricey, but they can get pricier.  Those babies are worth it! I love Command Hanging Strips because I can place the picture or in this case plate right where I want it without having to measure, mark, or nail!  Just stick a strip on the back and place it where it looks good.  These are right in my corner.

One Day, I plan to have 20-30 plates in different shades of pink, green, blue, and yellow.  For now, I have 7 1/2. So…stay tuned.

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  1. Catherine, this turned out beautiful! I love the plate patterns you chose, and the idea to use Command strips is so good for those of us with plaster walls or those of us afraid to put holes in the wall. Can’t wait to see this plate wall grow! And thanks for the shout out in your post.

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