Oh Deer!


We all noticed the wildlife right away when we moved to our farmhouse. Every day we would see squirrels scampering around the trees, birds flying high and perching in the treetops, and we would smell those skunks! One time I even saw a skunk on my driveway on the way back from checking my mail! Needless to say I was scared. I tried to remember what I learned about meeting scary animals (or cops): don’t look them in the eye and hold still. I stopped walking and pretended I was really busy going through the mail. Junk, junk, and more junk. How can that be so interesting you might ask? It wasn’t, but I’m pretty sure I fooled that skunk because he (or she) just paused, eyed me, and sprayed a thick, sweet-smelling perfume across the driveway. Just kidding. He just moseyed down into the creek. Whew! While he was taking his sweet time, I was secretly figuring out how many cans of tomato sauce we had in our pantry and if that would be enough to make myself a nice tangy bath.

During the summer, we would see the occasional deer. Now that it’s winter and snowy, we see deer every day. If my son, Jack, is home, he runs to grab his bb gun, which makes Leland and me smile.   Even though we regularly see so many animals, we run through the whole house spreading the good news and gathering around the windows where they are spotted.  Today we were eating lunch when a whole herd of deer was passing through the meadows.  A few stopped just outside our window!  We tried to stifle our squeals as we assembled in the library to watch the deer poke around in our backyard.  Kudos to the farmer who built the house and installed so many windows in every direction.  Also may he rest in peace because he is undoubtedly dead.

My daughter enjoyed a mini staring session with these two.


You can just see their butts in this picture, but it also reminds me that we should probably get a cover for that grill!  I hope you guys are enjoying your winter thrills!

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  1. I LOVE the way you write! You have serious skills. You’d write extraordinary children’s or young adult books! I think you need to seriously consider this!!!

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