Our First Spring Roast and Toast



Today the temperature was wonderful (60 degrees) and the wind was at a minimum, so we decided to roast hotdogs and enjoy delicious S’mores using our fire pit.  Last year, we only used our fire pit one time and it was really fun.  We hadn’t used it a lot during the summer for one reason or another and i am determined to use it as much as possible before the snows come again in the winter.  Now that I know just how cold and long these winters can be, we are going to make the most of the good weather.



To build the fire, I remembered my Boy scout days (no wait, don’t have any) and tried to light a fire by stacking three logs together in a pyramid and stuffing paper in the bottom.  It did not work.  After the paper was burned, the fire went out and the kids faces fell.  Repeat 4 times.  Finally, Lucy suggested we use candles inside to make a fire (she’s a bright one I tell you).

(excuse my horrible iPhone picture)

So, we trudged back inside to continue our Roast and Toast.  It turned out to be so much more fun than I thought it could ever be.  Indoor S’more toasting?!!  Genius.  We toasted so many marshmallows and had hotdogs and salad (which we did not roast). One of my favorite things about it was not having to make sure Peter wasn’t in the fire or in the bucket of water by the fire (both things he either did or tried to do).  Next time, when Leland is home, we will try to do an outside fire in the fire pit.  He is pretty expert at creating fires.





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