I was very excited about starting this blog in the beginning.  I had many projects to do and so many design ideas that sometimes I felt like my head would explode!  I wanted to do everything at once, and while Leland and I were able to accomplish many projects.  We couldn’t do everything we wanted.  Some projects–especially the big ones–would have to wait.  I’m not always good at waiting.

Anyway, after the first few minor projects (painting, re-carpeting, a little bit of decorating), I became less enthusiastic about blogging.  I wanted to wow people with cool and instead I felt I was surrounded with a lot of simple ordinary.  I wasn’t sure ordinary or simple were blog-worthy.  That reason + a stressful year in general, and I just stopped blogging altogether. I felt so inadequate.

I realized today, though, that I could let go of that pressure to be a certain way, and instead focus on just being me.  Maybe, the culmination of simple things is what makes life interesting.  Maybe things don’t always have to be profound to be beautiful?

I like beautiful houses. I like pretty fabrics and patterns. I like wide open spaces. I enjoy both clear and cloudy skies. I like designing spaces. I like animals–especially cats! I like food, but I like eating way better than I like cooking. I like baking. I love my family.  I get excited to play games with my kids–especially running games.  I love God and want to do my very best to follow Him.  These are all parts of me and things that I want to blog about from time to time.  Maybe you will like what I say and maybe not.


Today, after Quiet Time, we grabbed popsicles from the freezer (our summertime tradition) and headed out to the playground to swing and eat.

Since having babies, I can’t swing.  So, I just sit by the kids.  There are usually only a few spots with shade in the back field part of our yard, so I try to find one of those.  Then we talk.  We talk and we play tag.  It’s pretty simple, but I love it!

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  1. I loved reading this. I just wish it were longer so I could hear more of your thoughts! I was just thinking about the little things today too, and how everyday tasks that seem pointless at the time are what actually make up life… not sure if that’s encouraging or depressing, but your post made me think about it more!

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