The End is Near…

Summer is ending.  I have always looked forward to summer, because our schedule is freed up for whatever we decide to do.  I love a blank day we can fill with excursions and catnaps (literally with a cat),

This is our cat napping right on my bed

books and the great outdoors, popsicles and impromptu baking sessions.  There is no pick up or drop off to coordinate. No bus to meet.  Only my kids and I and a sunny sky!  Plus we get to have cousin sleepovers for days at a time!

I won’t deny the kids get excited for school.  There are the prospects of new clothes, new friends, and a new routine.  Somedays, I look forward to a little more routine, but I still drag my feet thinking about school starting.  I don’t want summer to end here.  I don’t want to put the kids to bed early (or wake up extra early to catch the country bus).

Fine! I’ll do it, but I’m going to enjoy these last few days and not even think about school.


This afternoon, after quiet time, I read on the porch while the girls (mine and a couple extras) and Jack kayaked on our little pond and looked for worms.  It was 80 degrees in the sun, but just the perfect temperature in the shade of my big porch.  I didn’t want Peter to play in the pond, because then I wouldn’t feel comfortable staying on the porch with my kindle.  I didn’t have to worry though, because he happily played on the porch with his big brother, rode his little bike up and down the porch, and played with rocks at my feet.  It was a perfect summer afternoon for us.

Looking for worms
This worm they affectionately named Jarjar
Jack Kayaking

playing with their reflections


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