The Grounds

Our old house had a tiny yard.  Now we are sitting on a little bit over 4.2 acres.  To be honest, it’s a little bit intimidating, but we’re looking forward to working on our land and having some awesome experiences.  I’ll start with the pictures from the listing:

Listing Photos

This was one of my favorite views and I love the pine trees.
This was one of my favorite views and I love the pine trees.
This is another view of the mature trees around the property.
This is another view of the mature trees around the property.
More Trees
Another view of the trees…we like the trees!
The field
A little stable-type structure in the field.

What’s not Pictured

Some of my favorite features of the house were not even pictured. We have a nice, fairly large pond and the irrigation canal (which we just call the “river”) flowing along the border of our property. Here are some pictures of my favorite places on the grounds as they are now:

The “River”
2016-07-14 12.21.08
Our shared private road from the main road.
2016-07-17 20.59.22-1
The kids and Princess Cici walking down the road
2016-07-17 20.58.51
The Pond
Kids playing in the yard (with Princess Cici)
2016-08-07 20.45.27
The Playground and Firepit
My favorite place to sit while the kids are playing.

What We’ve Done So Far

Our plan for the property right now is to enjoy the space and learn how to take care of everything. Our neighbors (there are 2 who share the road) showed us how to irrigate our yard from the ditch and pond. We learned where the water flows in from the irrigation canal and how to control the flow.

One of the main thing we’re working on is just keeping the lawn in good shape. For the first mowing we paid for a service to come out. This was based on advice from our legitimate farmer neighbor. Apparently there was a ton of cotton floating around and he thought it would just be easier on us to let a commercial service take care of all that. So we did that.

But we didn’t come out here and get all this land to pay other people to take care of it for us. So the next time around Leland and Jack took care of the mowing with our trusty push-mower. It took just under two hours and they said they enjoyed it… at least for now.

We’re looking at getting a self-propelled mower that will be easier for the kids. We talked about getting a riding mower, but we also think it will be good to let the kids sweat it out and Leland says he likes the exercise too. Plus, why would we throw down a bunch of money for an expensive mower when we have all these kids? That’s what their there for right?

We also used the mower to reclaim the area around the playground and firepit. That mower has probably done more in the past few days than it did the entire time we lived in Vegas. But I’m pretty sure that if this mower had feelings, it would be enjoying the work and could be proud of itself for doing such a good job at fulfilling the ends of its creation.

Plans for the Future

Leland wants to put in a sprinkler system before winter so it will be ready come spring. Then we are planning to put in a garden and take on the field. We want to turn it from a wild field into a pasture and maybe get a cow or something. We also want to get some chickens. But, again, we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves. Slow and steady wins the race. Plus we’re not actually in a race.

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