The Mudroom

One of the features I was very much looking forward to in the house is the mudroom.  I love the idea of having space for all of our shoes, backpacks, coats, and outdoorsy or dirty stuff that is not in the middle of the living room.  I’m really excited about this space!  It is easily my favorite room in the whole house right now.


There weren’t any pictures of the mudroom in the listing.  So here are a couple we took:


As you can see, it had this orangey/tan coloring on the trimmings and walls and red beadboard.  I wasn’t in love with the colors. The walls were also a bit beaten up.  It looks like the former owners used scotch tape to hang up posters or something like that.  The tape marks were all over the wall.

So while I loved the bones of the room and the “character”–which is what you say when there’s random, weird stuff going on that you don’t know how to fix and don’t want to bother with, “It’s just character”–I wanted to do some quick revamping.

What We’ve Done So Far

To me, it seemed like all this room really needed was some new paint. I tried out a few colors but I ended up going with the paint scheme from our Vegas house: White and grey. I did the woodwork and beadboard white and the walls a light gray (Sherwin Williams Repose Gray).

We took everything out, taped and painted and here’s what we came up with:


For comparison’s sake, here’s a side-by-side before and after:


What’s Left

We still have a little more painting touch-ups to do and a lot more decorating, but for now it feels pretty fresh and feels a lot better to me.  Eventually, I want to put a wire bin in the corner for outdoor toys, a chalkboard calendar and homework station, more backpack hooks, a large boot tray and a coat rack in another corner.

I’m posting my ideas/inspiration on pinterest. We should link up and share ideas! My pinterest Username is FoxintheFarm! Do it!

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  1. It’s looking sooo good!! I just started following you on Pinterest. I’m loving your ideas! I LOVE the white kitchens and bathrooms!

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